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Why hire a professional editor before self-publishing or seeking a home for your work?

You've poured your heart and soul into your writing. Before taking that final step, make sure your work isn't discredited by plot holes, typos, and grammatical errors.

Although you've read your work over and over, and your friends and family have critiqued for you too, the chance that errors have been overlooked is great.

A fresh, professional set of eyes ensures that your work is free from errors and ready to be seen by the world.

Why choose Exact Edits?

Over fifteen years of professional copy editing experience, affordable pricing, and reliability are what make Exact Edits the right choice for authors seeking help in perfecting their writing before publication.

Exact Edits strives to be your reader's advocate by promoting clarity and consistency throughout your manuscript and assisting in the final stages with editing to ensure error-free print.

Working with an editor to fine-tune your writing before publication will guarantee the best possible results for you and your book.

"Lindsey not only has the careful, attentive eye of a meticulous editor, but she also has the intuition to understand where the author wants to go with his or her story. Lindsey is remarkably affordable and always gets the job done on time. On top of that, she has a sense of humor, which is nice with the nitty-grittty day-to-day details of editing."


  Luke Mehall, author/publisher

American Climber

The Great American Dirtbags

Climbing Out of Bed

The Climbing Zine

Graduating from College Me