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"Lindsey Nelson of Exact Edits is a world-class editor. After a questionable experience with another editor who was not experienced to the caliber that I needed for my project to succeed, I felt extremely lucky to have found Lindsey before it was too late. Lindsey worked tirelessly to meet my tight deadline with professionalism, humor, and brilliance. My book is now polished to perfection, and I'm proud to say that with confidence. Look no further for all of your editing needs! Exact Edits truly provides the highest quality of work you will find. Lindsey’s the absolute best at what she does!"

T.C. Collins


Hot Toddy

"As an indie author working a demanding schedule, my editorial needs are difficult to meet. I really need someone who can be both prompt and meticulous. Fortunately for me, these are two of the areas where Lindsey excels. But her strengths don’t end there. Not only are her edits precise, catching even the most inobvious errors, they are also insightful, improving my books in ways that can seem subtle but which elevate the story tremendously. I’m very glad to have found Lindsey and Exact Edits and look forward to working together for many years!"

Carrie Summers

bestselling author

Chronicles of a Cutpurse  Series

Mistress of Thieves

Queen of Tricksters

"I was thrilled to discover Lindsey and her superior copy editing skills. I love working with her and the best compliment I can give is that I continue to work with her on all my books. She is part of my team now. She's easy and pleasant to work with, professional, and has a keen eye for content, grammar, continuity, and phrasing. My books and writing, in general, are better for it. I am eternally grateful that I found her!"

Brooke Stanton

award-winning author

of the bestselling Bloom Sisters Series

The Misadventures of Catie Bloom

The Adventures of Natalie Bloom

The Downfall of Catie Bloom


“Many people do their job well, but finding a person who is truly exceptional at their profession is, in my opinion, rare. Lindsey is unquestionably in the latter category. She did a masterful job editing my manuscript. From comma splices and dangling participles to verb tense, punctuation, and spelling, she didn’t miss a thing. Moreover, she fact-checked, recognized and corrected awkward phrases, and formatted the entire manuscript, explaining each and every change along the way.
She is friendly, patient, and a great communicator. In so many ways she really went above and beyond for me and I am extremely grateful for all the hard work she put in on my book. Thanks, Lindsey, for making this such a great experience for me!”

Daniel Garrison


Drifting in the Push


"As a self-published author, the last thing I wanted to have happen when my new book hit Amazon was for the grammar police to knock me down a few stars because I left participles dangling and commas parked where they didn’t belong. Even more important, I wanted my readers to enjoy a book that I had given my best effort to produce. I had spent seven years writing and rewriting 1001 Miles on the Appalachian Trail, but Lindsey Nelson still uncovered a haul of infractions in my manuscript. It’s a much better piece of writing now, thanks to her. She was pleasant and professional to work with, and she often interjected humor when describing how a sentence might be read in a different way than I had intended. Lindsey praised me when she found particularly well-written sentences or paragraphs. In addition to fixing grammatical errors—and I’m convinced she found them all—Lindsey researched the names of all the places I mentioned in the book to ensure that they were spelled correctly. Her exemplary work was finished on time, on budget. It was money well spent. I look forward to working with Lindsey Nelson of Exact Edits again."

Glenn McAllister


1001 Miles on the Appalachian Trail

"As a new author, I found working with Lindsey incredible. My grammar needed a lot of work, but she advised me on so many other aspects of my novel, and ultimately I have been able to produce a much better story for my readers. What I have learned and been able to apply in my next story is invaluable. She covered structure and plot flow, tone and style, and, most importantly, my characters. Any issues with timing or parts of the plot she didn't feel added to the overall story arc she pointed out. When I went through her markup of my manuscript, the revisions were very clear, and her comments and suggestions I used almost every time. Working with Lindsey was so easy; she committed to timelines we agreed upon and kept me in the loop as she progressed. I highly recommend Lindsey to other writers and believe that if she is on your team, your chances of success will grow exponentially.

Gillian Mayne


A Sweetheart for Sophie

A Braveheart for Beth

"My work requires quite a lot of research, and I like for my manuscripts to be polished to the last detail—two reasons that made me fall in love with Lindsey the moment she sent me a sample of her work. I'm not ashamed to say that I've come to rely on her eye for detail and ability to detect the slightest inconsistencies. She is the most dedicated and meticulous editor I've ever worked with, and I can't wait to work on future books with her."

Camilla Monk


Spotless Series

Crystal Whisperer

Butterfly in Amber

Apache Strike Force

"Lindsey is a phenomenal editor. She is spot on and precise with detail. I would not have been able to complete my novel had it not been for her. Not only did she correct grammar and structure, but she was intuitive in recognizing changes that would result in better flow. You can tell she has education, experience, and time under her belt, along with a passion for writing. She is extremely timely and considerate to a writer's needs. I cannot say enough great things about Lindsey as an editor and a person. I have already made up my mind that she is going to be my editor for future writings. Thank you again!"

Nicole Schultheis


Finding River

"I definitely plan to work with Lindsey of Exact Edits again on future projects.  While editing my stories, she knew what changes should be made and gave superb input.  If she had advice on a matter, she would leave it up to me to change it, which really helped with my learning as a writer. The final drafts of my stories, after Lindsey gave her 'golden' touch, flowed better and were true to the style of the pieces. I am super happy with my experience using  Exact Edits! I can't wait until I have enough material to e-mail her another abject mess that she can weave into art. Thanks, Lindsey!"

Bob Page


Tales of Crazy

Amalgamation 5150

"Lindsey is amazing. That I spent a week trying to come up with an appropriate metaphor for her editorial skills and failed—there would definitely be lasers involved, but beyond that, words fail me—says more about my authorial prospects than her abilities. Lindsey knows her craft and is diligent in applying it. But she is not a prescriptivist. One of the things I appreciated most about working with her was that she took time to understand my voice and then bent her edits around that. Her suggestions quite often allowed me some choice in how to proceed and always improved my writing. Plus she was a blast to work with! She was punctual, quick to respond when I had questions, and had a great sense of humor about everything. I was so lucky to have found Lindsey and will look forward to working with her again."

Ben Huber


Code Billy

"Lindsey was fantastic to work with. She was timely, thorough, and most importantly, she worked with the stylistic demands of the piece that I required her services for. The manuscript included interior monologue, interior dialogue, incomplete sentences, a protagonist with multiple personalities, etc. Lindsey saw my vision, and she worked with me to create a final product that was consistent and professional, without losing the artistic flare I had in mind. She gave her reasoning behind her corrections and never felt overly forceful. I would certainly work with her again and would recommend to anybody else to do the same."

Chris Kalman


As Above, So Below

Fringes Folly

"Your attention to detail amazed me. Thank goodness this story finally ended up in your hands. You removed all the innards and seeds from this pumpkin, and now it's ready for display."

P. Holiday Gardner



"Lindsey is amazing! Her superior editing skills are the base of her talent. Lindsey's true genius is her ability to dissect a story and amplify the content, allowing the reader to appreciate the author's concept and emotion. She was a true joy to work with."

Maureen Stuvel


The Hanging Tree

"Exact Edits turned our advertising copy into a professionally written piece that stands out because it is so well written.  When you’re serious about your business, call Lindsey!"

Carrollyn Cherry

Scenic River Tours | Colorado White Water Rafting

"I used Exact Edits to help get my small business up and running and couldn't have done it without them.  I was in the midst of developing a website which contained a fair amount of detailed copy.  I had the information, but needed help organizing, editing and proofing it all.

I sent Exact Edits all of my copy, in multiple installments, and was extremely pleased with the prompt response.  They were right on it. I was expecting the project to take a little while, as most feedback does these days, but they were very expeditious throughout the whole process of working with them.  

I found Exact Edits extremely easy to work with, very efficient and they didn't miss a thing.  All the edits were right on.  They caught errors I never would have and helped reconstruct areas of my copy that were confusing, wordy or just needed a lift.

Lindsey truly has a gift with words and has an extremely tight knowledge and understanding of grammar.  I felt very confident sending all of my work to Exact Edits knowing I was going to get professional results that would help boost the tone and message of my copy and, therefore, help my business tremendously.  I was beyond happy with the results and the experience in working with Exact Edits.  I can't say enough good things about them!"

Cindy Johnstone


Chicago Spectrum Solutions

"Lindsey has a keen eye for editing and it is reflected in her work. She has always gotten back to me in a timely manner while incorporating mini writing lessons into each conversation we have regarding my work. Her knowledge of proper grammar usage and various writing techniques has helped me become a better writer. I will definitely be working with her in all of my future writing endeavors."

Lana Athey
Nurturing Parenting Program Director
Gunnison County, Colorado 

"Lindsey Nelson has been my editor for nearly two decades, and I would not have been able to publish four successful books without her. Lindsey not only has the careful, attentive eye of a meticulous editor, but she also has the intuition to understand where the author wants to go with his or her story. She has an undeniable enthusiasm for the English language. I can only hope that Lindsey will be my editor for at least two more decades and many more books." 

Luke Mehall


Benighted Publications

American Climber

The Great American Dirtbags

Graduating From College Me

Climbing Out of Bed

The Climbing Zine