your words—professionally polished and ready for print

Many people do their job well, but finding a person who is truly exceptional at their profession is, in my opinion, rare. Lindsey is unquestionably in the latter category. She did a masterful job editing my manuscript. From comma splices and dangling participles to verb tense, punctuation, and spelling, she didn’t miss a thing. Moreover, she fact-checked, recognized and corrected awkward phrases, and formatted the entire manuscript, explaining each and every change along the way.

Daniel Garrison, author

Lindsey Nelson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing with a minor in journalism from Western State Colorado University. She also holds a Copyediting Certificate from the University of California, San Diego.

She spent three years as the head Copy Editor for the Top o' the World newspaper, where she discovered her love for editing. After graduating, she spent four years copy editing for the Gunnison Country Times, expanding her knowledge of Associated Press style.

Her latest editing ventures have focused on self-publishing authors, non-fiction writers, magazines, and website-content strategy. She is spending the majority of her time working with independent authors to help them publish their manuscripts with confidence and accuracy.

She lives and works in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where she loves to boat, hike, snowboard, read, and spend time with her kids.