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Payment Options

A 50% up-front payment is required, and the final 50% is due upon delivery of the edited manuscript. Projects may be split up into multiple payments if needed. Funds must clear before project begins. Required 100% payment upfront for projects under $100.

Methods of Payment Accepted

  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  • Personal checks

Editing for any type of document is welcome. If you're an author planning to publish, a student seeking an A on a paper, or a small-business owner wanting a pristine website to promote your business, Exact Edits has the expertise and passion to help you obtain your word-perfection goals.

Pricing depends on the type of editing your work requires. Below is a general breakdown of charges for manuscript editing. However, once a sample has been edited, a price will be determined by the type of editing the work requires. Sometimes editing falls in between categories, and fees are adjusted accordingly.

      Proofreading includes grammar, punctuation, spelling: 


      Line Editing (copy editing) includes proofreading, word choice, phrasing, clarity,                    flow, developmental comments, and two full reads:                                                                                                                                                                


       Substantive Editing includes complete content reworking, rewriting, and                                 editing:                                                                                                                                   


Exact Edits uses the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, for grammar, punctuation, and style guidelines, and Merriam-Webster for spelling and hyphenation. The Chicago Manual of Style is a comprehensive writing style guide that is widely used in the book-publishing industry; Merriam-Webster is the largest, most comprehensive American dictionary available.

Discussion on editing preferences and style concerns are welcome and encouraged. To ensure your work gets the editing you desire, a sample edit will be provided. Once the sample edit is completed and changes are reviewed by the author, Exact Edits will discuss what is wanted and/or not wanted as inclusion in the editing process. A style sheet will be created first and adhered to during the editing process.

For other types of writing and editing services, such as short works, website editing, direct mail/email/blog editing, press release writing, and marketing materials editing, an hourly rate of $65 is applied.

There is a $65 minimum charge for editing services.

The Editorial Freelancers Association provides a helpful guide to editorial industry standard rates. My rates fall at the lower end of this spectrum.

What You Get with Editing Services

Exact Edits uses the Track Changes features present in Word software. Below is a screen shot of what digital editing looks like using this tool.

Editing for websites can be done in a Word document and changes applied by the website owner or corrections can be made directly through the website's builder.